Las Arriba, Nicaragua

We are so proud to announce that we have completed our original scholarship program with Las Marias. The results have been amazing.

Our 10 students have all graduated from high school.  With a 90% average as well!

Congratulations to all the students

40% of them are in University. In Fact,

one of our first year’s student will be graduating in December 2016 with a degree from Earth University and will receive his Master’s Degree in 2017.

Las Marias is now a recognized high school. Giving all students a place to continue their educations. We have helped them to expand their facilities to hold the new grades. We couldn’t be more happy to have been involved with the supportive families and determined children in the Las Marias Community

Our second scholarship program for Las Marias students is now in its second year. We now have 4 students in a 3 year boarding school program at La Bastille, a well known  and very respected agro technical high school. Two more students will begin in 2017.

We are also happy to continue  our partnership with The Seeds of Progress Foundation. They are our partners on the ground in Nicaragua where

they are helping to educate many more Nicaraguan students.

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